Better Computing Through iPhone Management

Written by admin on December 31, 2012. Posted in Enterprise mobility, Iphone encryption, Mobility as a service

Ipads in the enterprise

The way that you handle your iPhone management could be crucial in the modern workplace. 50 percent of companies that choose to use BYOD models for doing business require their employees to cover their technology costs, which employees are largely compliant with. On the other hand, you, as a business owner or administrator, will be tasked with ensuring that the network that the devices use will be well managed, secure, and that any devices enrolled into the program will remain well managed and secure as well. With iphone security solutions in place, it is possible to manage networks of thousands of mobile device users on the same network. With over 65,000,000 smartphone owners in the country, and more on the way, having the right security and patch management tools in place is absolutely crucial. Make sure that your iPhone management is up to date, thorough, and efficient, so that you can get the most out of your investment into a BYOD model of business.

Patch management software is important for any model of business that uses a network with several users, but never more so than with mobile devices, which rely much more on external communications and which are more vulnerable as a result. Other options for iPhone management also work well with concepts like strong encryption systems, and are actually made to be compatible with those systems as is demonstrated in phones of the BlackBerry model. The result will be a stronger mobile device management setup that can really lead to much more satisfactory results for a company, and which can mean much more competent iPhone management going in the future where more users may enroll into the program.

BYOD, as a model, is becoming increasingly popular with classrooms and offices, and has been proven to provide results for those who use it well. With the right iPhone management tools in place, it is possible to keep an entire network and its users secure, and to track and secure mobile devices which are enrolled as well. In order to ensure the highest levels of compliance between the encryption and authentication protocols that are used with BYOD models, it is important that employees understand compliance, the place of iPhone management and the security requirements that companies and their servers absolutely need to be operational. Putting the right tools in place can make that process far easier to implement successfully.

iPhone Management Concerns and Software

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It used to be that companies resisted the idea of using iphones for business purposes. Iphones can present a very real security threat. Now though, thanks to iphone management software companies are feeling more at ease with allowing their employees to use these smart phones. No corporation should be without the use of these highly popular and useful phones. The iphone has quickly gained more popularity than even the blackberry. The concern used to be that these phones would put corporate data in jeopardy as they had some serious security flaws. However, in 2008 iphone management software was released and newer models have been released companies are deciding to give the iphone a try.

Now, companies and corporations all over use hundreds of iphones because they have efficient iphone management software options that they can deploy. Effective iphone management should support remote wipes for lost or stolen iphones. Effective iphone managment should allow the remote wipe to be done even when the phone is disconnected. This can help protect sensitive company data from being stolen or accessed without the proper authorization.

The IT department should also make pass code requirements to help with iphone management in the work place and put proper iphone use protocol in place. The use of iphone management software will help save time and money. A company’s IT department will have better control over these devices and management capabilities will be easier. Any updates or new programs or apps that need to be installed can be done on all the company iphones at once with iphone management software too. A wide range of enterprise platforms can be made available with iphone management software too. Iphone management software will keep sensitive customer information from getting into the hands of unauthorized persons as well. With the availability of iphone management software there is no need to avoid using these smart phones and employees are happy to have them made available to today more than ever.