Pink Zombie Studios releases ShuffleFrenzy for iOS – New Shell Game

Pink Zombie Studios today introduces ShuffleFrenzy 1.0, their new flagship ball-and-cup game for iOS devices. Easy to pick up yet hard to master, ShuffleFrenzy is a free shell game based from the old carnival days. Follow the shuffling cups to identify which one has the ball. The shuffle speed and the number of shuffles increases if you keep guessing correctly. ShuffleFrenzy features two themes that can be unlocked as you play, with eight different achievements to be unlocked and more.

Calendars 2.3 makes working with Google Calendar on iOS devices fast

Today Readdle, a leading publisher of business and productivity applications for the iPhone and iPad, released a new version of Calendars 2.3, its Google Calendar client for the iOS devices. The update takes Calendars to the next level improving the quality and performance of the application for iOS device. With Calendars 2.3 people can incredibly quickly add, edit, delete or re-schedule events and tasks within the application.

Boynton Classic Blue Hat, Green Hat Dressed up for App Store

Loud Crow Interactive is proud to announce the release of Sandra Boynton’s Blue Hat, Green Hat 1.0; the third title in their collaboration with Boynton Moo Media. Blue Hat, Green Hat is a wry and light-hearted adventure in which children guide three earnest animals and one misguided turkey through various activities involving clothing and colors. The app offers narration by famed British Invasion rocker Billy J Kramer, the wonderful narrator of the bestselling Boynton app, The Going to Bed Book.

KeBouquet! app Updated and on Sale through the App Store

A-Tono announces the update of KeBouquet! version 1.3 a universal app for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. KeBouquet! allows users to create and give amazing virtual flower bouquets for all occasions including; birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day and others. The app lets users choose, design and send or share uniquely customized virtual flower bouquets with their loved ones in a matter of minutes straight from their mobile devices.

Chooche Answers the Question, Why did the Chicken Cross the Road

Meritum Soft d.o.o is proud to announce the brand new release from its mobile app development studio, Chooche 1.0. Chooche is a free iOS based game for iPhone and iPod devices, that brings the answer to the eternal question, why did the chicken cross the road? The chickens are running across the road back and forth making chaos. The only way for you to stop them is to get them all on the road at once and run them over with a car, or even better a truck.

Meteoric hits the App Store for Firefox Sync and Grabbing Files on iOS

Digital Poke announces the release of version 2 of Meteoric Download Manager for iOS. Meteoric Download Manager is amazingly fast, feature rich and has a stunning UI. Meteroric Download Manager allows the user to capture and download most media files on their iOS devices. The app also provides accelerated downloads and a powerful file management system. Other features include Firefox sync capabilities along with Dropbox integration.

Get Blown Away by a Unique New Game: Blowing for iPhone

LNA Studio proudly announces the release of Blowing 1.1.2 for iOS. Blowing is a cute, simple game that has earned its title as a novel piece of development by instituting a brilliantly new control system. In Blowing, the objective is to keep the ants and other critters from creeping up on your delicious goodies. To meet this objective, players blow. Not virtually: players actually blow into their iPhone microphone to chase away the ants, ladybugs, and snails determined to find a free lunch.

Is it possible to get 3 Dollars from a 1 Dollar iPhone App

LEARN2MAKE LLC announces the release of Dollar Origami 3D 1.0.0 for iOS. Dollar Origami 3D has trapped 8 living dollar bills inside. The dollar bills can be seen twisting and folding inside the app to form various shapes such as a Heart, a Butterfly and a Ring. There is even a pair of pants and a shirt made from 2 One Dollar Bills. For those who are not big fans of paper jewelry, there are many other shapes to chose from, including a Duck, a Butterfly, and a Heart.

danholt4mac releases Calories 2.8 – Fit for Lion

danholt4mac today releases Calories 2.8, an update to its popular daily nutrition and tracking software for Mac OS X. Calories offers weight tracking with automatic BMI-calculation and calendar. And Calories now offers more conveniences. New options have been added to retranslate your food database to more languages. All data that has been collected with Calories 2 will be updated and the translated food names will appear.

Leaping Bytes releases MapPocket v.2.1 Update – Take Your Maps Anywhere

Leaping Bytes today announces MapPocket 2.1, an update to their iOS map application that helps save on roaming charges while traveling. MapPocket allows you to put online maps in your pocket, so you can use them later without an Internet connection. Users can choose maps from one of four providers: Google, Mapquest, Bing or OpenStreetMap. While planning expeditions online, you can use standard search functionality to locate points of interest.