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Hofheimer Family Law Firm in Chesapeake Virginia

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Hofheimer Family Law Firm

638 Independence Parkway

Chesapeake, Virginia 23320

(757) 425-5200

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We are a family law firm dedicated to representing women only in divorce, custody, and support issues. We’ve met with, counseled and successfully represented thousands of women from all over the area.

Do Not Let Frustrating Tax Laws Keep You From Getting the Resolution That You Need

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Irs problem help

I remember the way my mind seized with panic when I realized how I needed to find IRS tax problems resolution. Chances are, if you are looking at this article, you furiously pounded our keyboard searching for IRS tax problems resolutions as well.

Honestly, the best way to get the IRS problem resolution that you need (and deserve) is going to be through a tax attorney. He or she will be able to give you an affordable consultation that will address whatever issue you have. Maybe you simply forgot to file on time and were slammed with fees or maybe there was some other snafu. Who knows? I mean, tax laws are beyond frustrating to lay people like you and I.

There are plenty of people out there who can help you resolve tax problems. In fact, the CAto Institute estimate that there are approximately 1.2 million t

Is Collaborative Divorce Best?

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Collaborative divorce lawyers union county nj

The American Law and Economics Review released a studyy recently that shows that two thirds of the divorce filings in the U.S. are done by women. How to earn a living after getting a divorce is naturally a huge concern for women, especially since about 74 percent of all the women that end up getting a divorce are women who never completed college. Without a college degree it is pretty difficult to get a job that allows you to make a good living, so it is a given that most divorced women have to make adjustments for a lower standard of living. In New Jersey 52 percent of all the adults are married and only nine percent are divorced. These are just a few of the interesting fa

How to Find the Best Place for An Oil Change

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Motor oil types

The best place for an oil change can certainly differ from person to person, or vehicle to vehicle as the case may be. However there are definitely definitive things that need to stay constant with places that offer such a service. For one thing, motor oil standards should always be met with any company.

Motor oil performs many functions, including helping your engine start easily, lubricating engine parts, reducing friction, protecting against rust and corrosion, and keeping engine parts clean. It also minimizes combustion in chamber deposits, cooling engine parts, and that really is only the half of it.

Companies should also be completely honest when it comes to the best motor oil for your car. Continue Reading | 18 Comments

Important B2B Transactions Require Premium eCommerce Payment Processing

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Merchant services online

Businesses that actively utilize website credit card processing know how vital it is to be aligned with small business merchant services that provide a dependable and secure environment for customers. This mutually beneficial arrangement between you, the small business merchant, and the online payment system is typically administered through software as a service, or SaaS.

The rise of mobile shopping has only served to increase the need for quality online credit card processing, as indicated by 12 percent of shoppers in 2011 who used their mobile devices to check out a comp

How Do You File For Bankruptcy?

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Bankruptcy attorney

Many people in debt feel ashamed or humiliated. These feelings only create more problems, usually by encouraging people to hide debt from loved ones and ignore debts until they are overwhelming or even crippling.

Most debtors lack resources or information on filing bankruptcy and are afraid to ask the most pressing question on their minds, “How do I file for bankruptcy?”

Start small. Know these two things before filing for bankruptcy.

1. It Could Be Worse

In 450 BC, Roman law gave collectors the liberty of solving unpaid by selling individuals who did not pay into slavery or even killing them. Guilt may be eating away at you right now, but you are going to live through it.

2. Give Yourself a Break

In the United States, one out of 70 homes will end up filing bankruptcy. And, in 2011, instances of

Relax at Luxurious Spas in Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado

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Cherry creek day spa

Whether it is caused by frustration at work, difficulty in school, or anything else life might throw at you, stress is something that we all encounter frequently no matter what we do. But the good news is that stress does not have to last long, and it can sometimes even be prevented. Having a positive attitude and maintaining optimism is of course beneficial in the fight against stress, but when constant stress is unavoidable, as it often is, sometimes you just need to give yourself a time out from everything that is causing it. And what better to way give yourself a break from the stresses of life than to head to a day spa for the ultimate experience in pampering and relaxation?

The Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, Colorado is one such place fortunate enough to host several day spas. Much to the

Three Ways to Make Moving Easier

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Long distance movers

Without a doubt moving can be tough. There is a lot to keep in mind, a lot to organize, and a lot of money to be spent before your relocation is through. By utilizing these three tips you can avoid a lot of the stress associated with your move.

1. Consider Your Comfort

Many people get tunnel vision when they move. It is completely understandable that you focus on what goes in what box and what you should donate to charity versus what you want to keep. The problem is this results in neglecting your comfort both before and during the move. While packing wear comfortable clothing and eat foods like Mac ‘n Cheese to help you get through the day. During the move wear seasonally appropriate, comfortable clothing that you don’t mind wearing i

Stair Lifts in Virginia Helped my Mom Move Around Easier

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Stair lift virginia

After her back surgery, I had to help my Mom hunt through search engine results to find the right folks to help her make her home handicap accessible. We had to search through “stair lift Virginia” the most, but we also had to look through “wheelchair ramp Virginia,” “wheelchair lift Virginia,” and “car lift virginia,” because having your home modified is much more encompassing than you would think.

Although we did want to find a good “stair lift Virginia” we did consider a ramp as a more affordable alternative. You see, ramps allow wheelchair users, as well as people with strollers, carts, or other wheeled object, to more easily access a building. As many of the “stair lift Virginia” sites informed us, a stairlift is a mechanical devic

Dealing with Inheritance Issues

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Sellling real estate in probate

When a deceased owner has left a will, the document must be probated. The etymology of this word, “probate” is from the Latin verb, “probare”, which means to try, test, prove, or examine, and this term means that the document must be proven as valid. Usually, probating an estate of a deceased owner is quick and painless, unless there are one or more heirs contesting the contents of the will. Probate problems can cause a delay of several months or more if the inheritances are contested. These delays may cause problems for family members who are inheriting real estate or other valuable items they do not want or cannot keep, and fiduciary loans or Continue Reading | 18 Comments