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What to Do If You Are Arrested for Drunk Driving

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Dui defense strategies

Make no mistake, the consequences of drunk driving can be very severe. A drunk driving conviction in Ohio can mean a suspended license and may result in a large fine. This can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. A drunk driving conviction can also affect your employment status. The best way to avoid a drunk driving conviction is to not drink and drive. However, if you have already made this mistake, a drunk driving accident lawyer should be hired immediately so as to mitigate the consequences.

Drunk driving law in Ohio is very clear. If you over 21 years of age and your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is .08 or greater, then you are considered to be operating a vehicle impaired. This is known as an OVI. Some states use te

Free SEO Tips to Enhance Your Web Presence

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Seo techniques blog

During 2012, Americans spent over $200 billion dollars shopping online, and experts predict that online retailers will generate more than $325 billion by 2016. As more people are choosing the convenience of the internet to research and purchase products and services, SEO has become essential for every business across all industries. Basically, if businesses do not prioritize SEO they are only limiting their own success.

The good news is the internet is rife with websites and blogs offering free SEO tips to anyone who is interesting. Those who are most interested in the best SEO tips blogs are usually business owners, budding marketing professionals, and people who are interested in pursuing a career in internet marketing.

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Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C. in Newport News VA

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Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C.

725 Middle Ground Boulevard

Newport News, VA 23606


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Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C. brings together many years of professional accounting, tax and business advisory services. Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C. is small enough to provide individual attention, but large enough to give the highest level of tax and accounting expertise.

Holding on to a Great Sales Team is Possible!

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Sales jobs

If you are a sales manager, you are aware that hiring sales representative employees who will stick around long terms is extremely challenging. Typically, the turn over rate for a sales force is about 40 percent, which is far higher than in many other jobs. As well, when hiring sales representative workers, managers come to realize that often new sales employees do not have what it takes to do well in sales jobs. 40 out of 100 North American sales reps miss their quotas. Managers report that after hiring sales representative staff, 22 out of 100 new hires cannot be trained, and astoundingly, when hiring sales representative workers, companies report that only 10 percent of new hires eventually provide

How Do You Make Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip?

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Recipes for hummus

Spicy hummus dip is a beloved snack when spread on crackers or pita. You can also dip veggies in roasted garlic hummus dip for a nutritious mid day pick me up. But have you ever wondered, what is hummus exactly?

Hummus spread is Middle Eastern in origin. It is made from cooked, mashed chickpeas that are subsequently blended together with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic. Roasted garlic hummus dip enjoys a great deal of popularity throughout the Arab world, Turkey, North Africa, and Morocco. Hummus calories are fairly negligible, and hummus nutrition wise, packs a punch. Most importantly, roasted garlic hummus dip is absolutely delicious!

In recent years, roasted garlic hummus dip has become ubiquitous as a

It Is Extremely Dangerous to Live With Mold in Your Home

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Hvac vent cleaning

Did you know that even though bleach will decolorize and kill mold, it will not actually remove it? Residential mold remediation must be done by a professional, as attempting to remove it yourself could release large quantities of mold spores in your home, making the situation worse. Since mold can take several different forms and cause numerous health problems, it is important for mold remediation companies to remove any and all traces of mold from your home.

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What Do Dental Consultants Do?

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Dental office consulting

As a whole, dentistry is considered very necessary to maintaining overall health. Consistent brushing, flossing and visits to the dentist are thought to be crucial to those who want to have healthy, attractive looking teeth. Since teeth are such an important social asset, it pays to see the dentist as often as you can and take care of your teeth, as you only get one pair of natural, permanent teeth.

The most successful dentists actually target the hottest markets. As such, they take their dentist marketing very seriously. On that note, there are professional website designers who can create dental websites which can gain significant and important exposure for dental clinics. The only way people

Maximize Employee Productivity While Lowering Costs

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Mobile workforce solutions

Did you know that, according to 2013 Com Score research, 145 million Americans own smartphones, and the United Nation reveals 44% of the world’s computing is being overtaken by tablets and mobile phones? Employers are hardly blind to this research. A staggering number, in fact, are adopting bring your own device (BYOD) systems, or encouraging, and sometimes even requiring, employees to use personal smartphones and tablets for business use. Why are employers so eager to do this, and what are the risks associated with BYOD models?

Why is BYOD So Popular?

The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners surveyed 1,000 mobile devi

YNot Pizza and Italian Cuisine in Virginia Beach Virginia

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YNot Pizza and Italian Cuisine

5257 Providence Road

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464


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Delivering the best pizza and Italian food in the area. Come and enjoy our hand-tossed pizzas, calzones and Stromboli, or sample our world class traditional Italian pastas, breads, pastries, salads, soups and surprises. Available for delivery, pickup or dine in.

Do You Work in the Medical Industry? Here are a Few Facts About Helpful Apps

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Working in the medical industry can be incredibly difficult. One of the best innovations of the past decade are the mobile health applications that have been developed in order to make the entire process a little big easier and more manageable. If you are still on the fence about the ways that mobile health applications and secure messaging services can help you and the medical office that you should know before you decide that you are going to invest.

One of the most useful medical apps, Health 2.0, has been described re