Holding on to a Great Sales Team is Possible!

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If you are a sales manager, you are aware that hiring sales representative employees who will stick around long terms is extremely challenging. Typically, the turn over rate for a sales force is about 40 percent, which is far higher than in many other jobs. As well, when hiring sales representative workers, managers come to realize that often new sales employees do not have what it takes to do well in sales jobs. 40 out of 100 North American sales reps miss their quotas. Managers report that after hiring sales representative staff, 22 out of 100 new hires cannot be trained, and astoundingly, when hiring sales representative workers, companies report that only 10 percent of new hires eventually provide a return on the initial investment the company has made in them.

32 percent of sales reps currently working have been at their organizations for one year or less. Hiring sales representative workers and retaining them may seem like an impossible feat. After all, hiring sales representative employees and training them is quite expensive. The typical investment in a sales hiring mistake amounts to between 6 and 10 times the base salary of the sales representative, which is why it is of the utmost importance to get hiring sales representative workers right on the first try.

Working with an executive recruiting firm can be a great way of going about hiring sales representative employees. Sales headhunters have a lot of experience hiring sales representative workers. They know how to effectively vet prospective candidates for sales and recruiting jobs. Not only will your recruiter take care of hiring sales representative individuals, determining their suitability for the job by assessing skill sets, talent, qualifications, and education, the headhunter will manage the entire recruitment process for you from start to finish.

When hiring sales representative employees, sales and marketing headhunters must not only assess hard skills, but intangible qualities like communication style and charm as well. Successful sales reps are warm, friendly, and persistent. Often, headhunters must rely on their intuition regarding whether a candidate has the goods to excel as a sales rep. Because experienced recruiters have placed a large number of sales reps in positions that they have done well in, executive recruiting firm headhunters develop a sixth sense about candidates that is worth paying for.
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