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During 2012, Americans spent over $200 billion dollars shopping online, and experts predict that online retailers will generate more than $325 billion by 2016. As more people are choosing the convenience of the internet to research and purchase products and services, SEO has become essential for every business across all industries. Basically, if businesses do not prioritize SEO they are only limiting their own success.

The good news is the internet is rife with websites and blogs offering free SEO tips to anyone who is interesting. Those who are most interested in the best SEO tips blogs are usually business owners, budding marketing professionals, and people who are interested in pursuing a career in internet marketing.

For those who are seeking the most important of all SEO tips and tricks should be aware that there are innumerable sites and blogs that claim to offer the “top 10 SEO tricks,” yet each of them are almost entirely different from the others. This is because opinions vary as to which SEO tips really are the “best” or “most important.” Furthermore, if the tips are aimed at a more advanced target audience the “best tips” might also be the “most advanced tips.”

If you really want to know which free SEO tips really are the most important for anyone who has little to no knowledge of SEO, you should make sure that you are looking at SEO tips FOR BEGINNERS. They will be simple, direct, and easy for any intelligent person to understand. For instance, one version of the best SEO tips for beginners involves:

1. Keeping titles short
2. Provide a meta description
3. Avoid adding meta words
4. Limit yourself to only one H1 tag
5. Content should be focused
6. Content must be informative and useful

If you are a business owner or employee who is interested in learning about SEO, congratulations! You will soon be privy to the strategies and techniques that the most successful and innovative businesses are using to gain an edge over the competition. Most importantly, you will be providing yourself with a foundation for future success.

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