How Floridians Benefit From Representation By Social Security Lawyers

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Social security disability

During the year 2010, residence in the state of Florida saw more than $49.2 billion doled out through Social Security. Social Security attorneys played a large role in this service. A Social security disability attorney is a licensed professional that understands Social Security law, appeals and the process for maximizing benefits. Since 90 percent of people in the state of Florida that are 65 years old or older currently receives Social Security, and since 27 percent of the Florida population will be 65 years old or older by 2030, the importance of Social Security lawyers will continue to rise. A veterans lawyer is another useful resource for Floridians. There are veterans lawyers in Florida that work with elderly residents that previously served in the military and help them stay above the poverty line. In fact, without benefits through Social Security, about 1 million residents in Florida age 65 or older would fall into poverty.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that between the years of 1996 and 2009, the amount of disabled worker benefits that were awarded to working people aged 45 years or older increased from 67 percent to 76 percent . This ongoing increase in payments means the overall resource of Social Security is diminishing. Social Security lawyers can protect you from missing out on maximum benefits. Locate a Social security disability lawyer or Social Security lawyers that operate in the state of Florida by starting your search for one of these professionals on the web.

When Is a Veteran Allowed to Hire a Veterans Lawyer for a VA Claim?

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Q: When can a veterans lawyer help?

A: A veteran can enter a fee based contract with a veterans lawyer once he or she has received the initial rating decision from the VA regional office. Since you cannot hire a veterans lawyer to help you with initially applying, the VA will provide assistance should you need it. Once you receive that initial rating decision, it is recommended that you have a veterans lawyer review it. Even if you are awarded benefits, one of the aspects of the rating decision may affect the amount you are awarded. Do not settle for less than what you believe you are entitled to, if something in your rating decision is incorrect.

Q: Does filing for disability insurance with the Social Security Administration work the same way as filing for benefits with the Veterans Administration?

A: The Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration are separate government entities. That means that the guidelines for eligibility for benefits with each agency is different and you will have to submit applications for benefits with both. And being awarded benefits with one agency does not guarantee that you will be awarded benefits with the other. The biggest difference between the two agencies is that the Social Security Administration, unlike the Veterans Administration, does not assign percentages to claims. A claimant is either determined to be eligible for disability benefits or not. It is important to note that some veterans who have received treatment only through VA hospitals have had difficulty obtaining the necessary medical records and supporting documentation to support their SSDI claims. If this is the case, seek assistance from a veterans lawyer or social security lawyer. He or she can help you successfully obtain that supporting evidence and assure that your SSDI claim is as strong as possible.