Use blog registration to get more hits

If you have been keeping a blog, and you want to start monetizing your writing on the internet, you should consider using blog registration sites to get more hits. When you submit your blog to a blog registration site, it becomes easier for other people to find your blog when they want to read about the kinds of things that you discuss on your site. You can have your blog listed alongside other blogs that cover the same types of topics that you like to write about, and even use these directory type sites to network with other online writers so that you can link to each other’s blogs and share readers.

After you have taken care of your blog registration, you should find some web site promotion and search engine optimization firms that can help you get better placement in search engine result lists so that you get even more traffic to your blog. By using SEO techniques, hiring ghost writers, and signing up with blog registration sites, you can start pulling in some extra money from advertisers on your site. You can also offer links to sites offering products and services related to the topics you write about on your site, and start earning commission on sales made through the links you post.

Make sure to sign up on a few different blog registration sites. That way, you can get the most traffic possible to your site, and start earning money from your writing. Some writers who promote their site by signing up with blog registration sites, using popular SEO techniques, and filling their blogs with great content have been transitioning into making their blogging their primary source of income. Read up on some of the best web site promo techniques, and see if there aren’t some that you can implement today so that you can start cashing in on all the writing work that you have done over the years.

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