Kelly Wyoming Real Estate Is Near Seven National Parks That Had About 6 Million Visitors In 2011

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The popularity of commercial Kelly Wyoming real estate and of Jackson Hole commercial real estate are the result of being in the state of Wyoming, which the Wyoming Taxpayers Association says is the state with the second lowest tax burden for personal tax payers nationwide, in addition to having very favorable corporate tax laws. Jackson Hole homes for sale, Jackson hole land for sale and Jackson Hole ranches for sale are very popular among the nature enthusiast crowd, since there is a local elk refuge that is where 90,000 elk spend their winters, making it the largest preserve for elk in North America, and it is also the only area with a public elk antler auction that is held on the third Saturday in May of every year, with most of those antlers coming from the National Elk Refuge, and with proceeds benefiting the program to feed those elk.

To learn more about Kelly Wyoming real estate or about Jackson Wyoming real estate, find a Jackson realtor or a Kelly Wyoming real estate agency that has been operating in this area for years. They will tell you that the listing price averages about $2.4 million as of October 24, 2012. That high listing price comes from all of the luxury homes that are located in the area close to ski resorts and on ranches, though there are also some more affordable options closer toward the main towns of Jackson and Kelly.

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