Earning Your ServSafe Certification

Iso 9000 certification

When it comes to food safety certification, the system currently in place was developed to regulate any manufacturers or producers of foodstuffs, additives, or vitamins. Servsafe certification is now required for Californian workers who have anything to do with the preparation, serving, and storage of food as well, so as to prevent the spread of potentially deadly bacteria such as salmonella.

ServSafe certification or HACCP certification, which translates into Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, are both designed to ensure that anyone holding these certifications is trained in the most effective and safety conscious ways of preparing and handling food for the benefit of public health. Haccp training is available at many different facilities across the country, and this is an absolutely critical part of process safety management in the food industry today. ServSafe certification and HACCP certification training are both designed to ensure that all workers in the food industry and the products they handle meet the Global Standards for Consumer Products North America edition, so make sure that you find a certified facility accordingly! Remember, this is for the health of your patrons and your business alike.

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