Get Android Management For BYOD Scenarios

Android device management

Many employees are bringing their own phones to work these days, and many of those phones happen to be Android based smartphones. This means that businesses need to prepare for Android in the enterprise by investing in Android management systems to ensure proper security and oversight. Nearly half, about 47 percent, of companies that allow BYOD have had a security breach because of it. Android device management provides security. If an employee owned mobile device is stolen or lost, the software can immediately wipe sensitive data. This should alleviate some concern over BYOD, which can actually help streamline tasks, increase productivity, eliminate paperwork and allow for real time updating anywhere in the world.

Android, sometimes known simply as Droid, is an open source operating system based on Linux most commonly used on touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets. There are powerful Android security model tools available to increase the security of these devices. Many cloud based Android management applications can help give visibility and control for enterprise Android devices in a BYOD situation.

Android devices are extremely popular due to the fact that many of them are far less expensive that some other devices that use different operating systems and more than that, they are highly customizable. This is actually good for Android management since they are open source and easy to use. While many businesses do not want to embrace BYOD it is definitely something that is only growing in popularity as employees invest in powerful personal devices that might be more capable than what the company could afford if it were to purchase a fleet of phones.
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