Why Choose An Engraved Stone

Quirky gifts

Custom engraved stones can be decorative, or they can be used to commemorate a loved one or serve a daily purpose. Some people like to use them for dog memorial stones or quirky gifts. Rock engravings have been used since prehistoric times, with an engraving of a stick figure man with an oversized phallus being the earliest known rock carving in America. Some people, when looking for unique wedding gifts or anniversary presents, opt for engraved stones. Creating a custom engraved stone, either by having a skilled artisan do it or by forming it yourself under another’s guidance, is a symbol of the permanence of your message. This is where the saying “set in stone” comes from, as the idiom means to make permanent or concrete, and the act is creating a work that will not be destroyed. Rocks vary in hardness and strength, but everyone knows that rocks are impervious to the elements. It takes a significant amount of rain, snow, wind, or abrasion to deteriorate a stone, and engraved stones that are kept as mementos will last a lifetime.

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