What Is A Blog?

A blog refers to an informational site that is published on World Wide Web. A blog usually features a combination of images and text. It can also provide links to various blogs and webpages which are relevant to the subject. It contains distinct posts appearing in reverse chronological sequence. The latest posts usually appear on the top of the blog. It was until 2009 when blogs were written by a single person or sometimes the blog work was done by small group. At that time coverage offered by these sites were limited as these sites were written to cover one specific subject particularly. Today the blogger sites have been modified considerably. These sites feature professional bloggers and multi author sites also have developed recently.

There is an upsurge of micro blogging systems which are giving rise to weblog traffic day by day. Micro weblog system features short posts typically. You can access numerous posts from a multitude of media outlets including newspapers, interest groups, universities and other institutions as well. Such systems facilitate integration of both single and multi author blogs into the social new stream. So such types of sites can be considered as a sort of social networking.

Online blogs allow people to interact each other. The authors not only produce online work to put forward but also they tend to build social relations with others authors and people visiting their website. Broadly speaking such websites can be divided into couple of categories; personal sites (dairy or commentary by single person) and corporate and organizational sites (created for business purposes). Most of the such sites allow the visitors to leave their comments on the post and talk to each other. However, there are also some that don’t allow the readers to comment.

It can also be classified depending upon the nature of content it contains. You can find textual sites, photo blogs, art blogs, music mp3 sites and video sites or vlogs. By the same token, the site that is relevant to educational field and consists of instructional material is called edublog. While exploring different sites you can get a great deal of information in all areas. You can choose to be a part of an existing web logging community or can also create your own personal sites. But it is important to know terms and condition that apply all authors first. Currently such sites are among the most popular modes of communication.

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