A Brief History of the Fender Guitar, the Instrument of Rock ‘n Roll

Guild guitars

Kurt Cobain, David Byrne, P.J. Harvey and Liz Phair. What do they all have in common? For one thing, they were all fans of Mustang Fender guitars. Fender Musical Instrucments is a company that goes back a long way, and it was invented by one of history’s most famous guitar makers, Leo Fender, who was actually a saxophonist.

Fender guitars may not have equalled those built by D’Angelico or D’Aquisto, generally regarded at the 20th century’s best guitar makers, but his guitars were used by no less than Jimi Hendrix, who has a Fender stratocaster carved on his tombstone. Fender Musical Instruments did not open to public offerings until 2012.

Fender guitars are classic guitars for collectors. But there are many other types of guitars available. One can find Jem Ibanez guitars for sale, retrosphere Fano guitars for sale, Richie Havens guild guitars and Fender tone King Amps for sale also. Electric fender stratocaster guitars are also available. But it is often best to begin from a classic base, at it is for this reason that Fender guitars are great places to start. Many of the greatest legends from Rock ‘n Roll history have used guitars. And it is for this reason that people continue to use the Fender.
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