Fatal Food Borne Illnesses and Kitchen Safety Tips

Reheating food

It seems that more people than ever are inflicted with mysophobia, which is referred to on the street as germophobia. Mysophobia has been around since 1879, and thus, it cannot be blamed on disgusting greasy spoons or Asian food joints that has so many people grossed out. Obviously, when you hear stories about the FDA closing down your favorite pizzeria or Chinese restaurant because rats were found in stock room, people are bound to become mysophobes to some degree. However, people can never be too cautious when it comes to food handling safety and kitchen safety tips, because both minor and major diseases can be spread quickly and easily via food borne illness.

Since we hear so much every years about deaths related to food borne illness, it is imperative that restaurant owners and employees follow kitchen safety tips, and be well educated in food safety tips, in order to prevent spreading potentially deadly disease, and to avoid food poisoning. Considering that that colds in children result in more than 22 million lost school days per year, food preparation staff receive training in the areas of food safety and sanitation in order to promote kitchen safety tips, especially food safety for kids. Furthermore, Clemson University researchers found that salmonella can survive for a month or more in carpets, wood, or tile; and since salmonella is common and even deadly, preventing it provides more than adequate reasoning for following kitchen safety tips and sanitation guidelines strictly. In fact, a kitchen sanitation checklist is an excellent idea to make sure that kitchen safety tips are followed to a T, every second of every minute of the day. To see more, read this: www.keepingitkleen.com

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