Are You Entitled To Longshore Workers Compensation?

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Maritime claims have been an issue for many individuals for dozens of years. In fact, the Merchant Seaman Protection and Relief Act, which was enacted in 1920, was designed in order to create protection similar to workmen’s compensation for individuals who were injured while functioning as a longshoreman, seaman, or other marine worker. Multiple organizations and options were developed after this enacting, including the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act and the Defense Base Act. If you feel that you are owed Longshore Workers Compensation, then individuals such as DBA lawyers or a Defense base act attorney can assist you in identifying your claim and determining what kind of restitution is available, if any. What else should you know about Longshore Workers Compensation and the types of individuals who are entitled to this type of insurance?

One of the first things to understand is that the Longshore Act and Longshore Workers Compensation stem from an act known as the Defense Base Act. Under the Defense Base Act, workers’ compensation protection is provided to civilian employees who may be working outside of the United States on United States military bases, as well as individuals who are under a contract with the United States government for national defense or public works projects. This type of law ensures that individuals who may be hurt during these types of employment are offered the correct kinds of monetary compensation for injuries. In fact, the Longshore Compensation Act provides nearly seven hundred and fifty million dollars in monetary, medical, and even vocational rehabilitation benefits to these types of individuals. These types of Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act benefits, as well as Longshore Workers Compensation benefits, are often paid directly by an authored self insured employer.

As with any type of compensation insurance, there are numerous cases in which individuals who are entitled to benefits experience denied claims. If your Longshore Workers Compensation claim has been denied, what can you do to get help? There are multiple legal professionals who are widely experienced in the field of Longshore Workers Compensation who can assist you with reviewing your claim. In some cases, the rejection may be due to incorrect submittal or lack of documentation. Finding an attorney or other legal professional to help you review your file may help you to resubmit your claim for Longshore workers compensation with more success in the future.

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