Political Marketing in the 21st Century

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The face of political marketing is vastly different than it was even a decade ago. Social media in particular has become a major front for political conversation, a shift which has not gone unnoticed by the political marketing industry. Political marketing jobs that focus solely on social media are now available and have become particularly important to political marketing firms as they seek to engage millenials.

In fact, Facebook now employs six people who work exclusively with political campaigns, one more than they had in 2008. Studies show that 69% of adults have social networking presences, up from 37% in 2008, and a full 20% of social media users say that they have used these platforms to follow or interact with elected officials and candidates. The internet makes it easier for users to connect with others sharing their political views, making social media an ideal place for political marketers to focus their efforts. In fact, more than half of online Americans say that the internet makes in easier for the, to connect with those sharing their political views.

So, what does this mean for those studying political marketing? Many political campaign seminars are now focusing not only on traditional campaigning methods but on newer ones like social media. Here are a few quick and easy social media tips for those interested in political marketing.

  1. Focus on only one or two platforms. It’s better to be fully invested on Facebook or Twitter than to have spotty appearances on multiple platforms. Be honest with yourself and choose the ones you know you can do well.
  2. Be thorough. You can grow engagement with your network and attract more followers by having a complete profile. Use a recent, close-up photo, make sure your contact information is correct, and clearly show which party you’re supporting.
  3. Give what you want to get. Like, share, tweet, retweet, and +1 things that your followers say, of course using good judgment. If you’re involved and friendly, others will be too.
  4. Ask questions and expect answers. Social media is about starting conversations, and you should be ready to have them. Know that people will disagree with you, but that your reasoned response can only do you credit. Interact and engage, but do so wisely.
  5. Dedicate your platform to your public life. Think twice before you update about your friends or family or even your own health.
  6. Be sure to promote your social media presence in your print advertisements, commercials, and public appearances.

Political marketing via social media is an important part of today’s political game and can have a huge impact on your success. Follow these tips to find out how social media can help move you towards a victory. Helpful links.

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  1. These are very good tips. Local politicians are often really bad at this stuff.

  2. These are very good tips. Local politicians are often really bad at this stuff.

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