How to Design an Effective Lost Pet Poster

Dog tags for pets

Did you know that you can etch or print plastic pet tags in many highly reflective colors to enhance their visibility at night? This is only one of many ways that dog tags for pets can help return your beloved pet back to you in the event that they get lost. However, these custom pet tags just aren’t enough to ensure your pet’s safe return if they’re lost. It’s also important to put up “lost pet” posters all around town.

On these posters, you’ll want to include all the basic information that you would include on dog tags for pets. This is info like the pet’s name, your address, your phone numbers, email, and any pertinent medical conditions. You’ll also want to include more information that does’t normally appear on dog tags for pets, such as a description of the pet’s general appearance, its breed and its gender. It’s also very important to include a photo of the pet as well.

Many dog tags for pets nowadays can include a QRC code that directs the finder to an online page with not only all of this information, but other items, such as map directions to your house as well. On this page, you can also advertise a reward for finding the pet. Plus, this page can be shared through social media so that more people will know to be on the lookout.

Designing one of these posters might seem like a simple task, but there are many considerations that people don’t take into account. One such design mistake people may make is that their lettering may be too small. You want to write “LOST PET” in bold letters larger enough for someone to read at a distance of approximately 20 feet. It’s also important to withhold one telling detail about your pet on these posters, so that in the event someone does call after finding a pet matching your description, you can verify that that’s your pet.

Losing a pet is never easy, but finding them doesn’t have to be so difficult. As long as you’ve outfitted your furry friend with dog tags for pets, and you follow these lost poster tips, you’ll be fine. If you have any questions about dog tags for pets or how to design a lost pet poster, feel free to ask in the comments.

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