What You Need to Know about Drunk Driving

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Most of us enjoy having a few drinks every once in awhile. However, some people enjoy having a few too many. When these people hit the road, they put themselves and others at great risk. In many of these situations, getting a DUI is the best thing that can happen to a drunk driver if it gets them to realize the danger of their behavior.

In Ohio, drunk driving is referred to by law enforcement officers as Operating a Vehicle under the Influence, also commonly called a OVI, which is the same as a Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, in other states. Regardless of the differences in nomenclature, driving drunk is against the law and consequences are serious. If you are convicted of OVI in Ohio, you will have to pay a fine ranging from $250 to $1000. In addition, first OVI offenses in Ohio usually require the offender to pay a $450 license reinstatement fee. There is no limit to the number of times you can be arrested for OVI. In fact, the state record for OVI’s is 20.

If you get pulled over by a law enforcement officer under the suspicion of operating a vehicle under the influence, then the officer will likely administer a breathalyzer tests. Other tests that may be conducted include blood and urine tests. However, if these tests are not properly administered, then they are admissible in court.

How do you know if they have been properly administered? This is why it is important to find DUI lawyers in Ohio quickly if you have been accused of a drunk driving charge. Only criminal DUI attorneys in Dayton Ohio can help defend you in a drunk driving case. Without their help, the penalties and consequences can be much more severe. To find DUI lawyers, look online or in the yellow pages.

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