Three Illnesses a Water Filter Could Help You to Avoid

Water filter

When most people think about the benefits that a countertop filtered water dispenser can provide, they think about the most immediate rewards. After taking that first sip, most people are hit with the fact that the water are drinking is better tasting and has no smell. While these are all great reasons to switch over, they are some of the more superficial. Believe it or not, a majority of the advantages of water purification have to do with your health.
By installing a countertop filtered water dispenser, you could filter out artifical chemicals and volatile organic compounds that typically are found in 20% of city water supplies across the United States. There are three medical conditions that countertop water filters could help to prevent.

  • Cancer – According to the President’s Council on Environmental Quality, the evidence continues to mount that chlorine in public water supplies is directly responsible for outbreaks of colon, rectal and bladder cancer. Despite the fact that the EPA imposed regulations in 1980 to decrease the amount of chlorine in drinking water to a max of 100 parts per billion, cancer rates have not slowed. Using a water filter could help to filter out this harsh chemical.
  • Kidney Disease – Many public water sources across the country are filled with volatile organic compounds. Found in many household products, these abrasive organic compounds leech their way into public water supplies. Over time, they have been linked to things like kidney disease. Repeated exposure over the years could lead to kidney stones and chronic kidney disease, both of which can requires extensive treatment.
  • Central Nervous System Damage – Without a properly functioning central nervous system, humans are not able to move, talk, think or breathe. Once the nervous system has become damaged, it can be very difficult to repair. The chemicals in public water supplies can cause an incredible amount of damage to your central nervous system. The only surefire way to make sure you don’t ingest them is to use a countertop filtered water dispenser.

If you’re worried about how investing in a water filter could set you back a bit, don’t. Most of these filters are incredibly affordable, and even the more expensive ones will quickly pay for themselves. With filtered water at home, you can stop buying expensive bottled water that often time ends up being more costly per gallon than crude oil. You’ll also be taking steps to ensure that you don’t need expensive medical care for illnesses caused by contaminated water, which is something that everyone can raise their glass to! Visit here for more.

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