What to Expect During a Food Service Inspection – Food Talk Online

Food safety inspections are carried out to ensure that the food you serve is safe. It’s important to make sure your employees have ServSafe education so they’ll be able to cook and prepare food safely so that the inspector isn’t going to cite you for something. Employees should be aware of the procedure to ensure they understand the best ways to keep food safe and to help your business pass examination. This video will help you understand the process of an inspection.

The inspector will begin with washing their hands in order to ensure they’re keeping the place clean. The inspector will look over the cooking process of cooks and then ask questions. They’ll notice things such as gloves, hairnets as well as clean surfaces and buckets for sanitizing. If your employees have ServSafe training, they will have the knowledge to better answer queries and comply with security regulations. jpqxosyrye.

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