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Also, you may want to clean your teeth following when you consume lime-drenched foods. This is because lime is a key ingredient of the majority of Hispanic food distribution recipes. It is especially important if you love eating these kinds of foods frequently like many others often do.

In all honesty that you should not avoid citrus altogether, because vitamin C is vital to a healthy body. It helps maintain collagen, and those low in the vitamin could even suffer from bleeding gums. This can result in instability in the teeth, leading to dental issues even without consuming a lot of acidic citrus. It is fine to eat small portions of lime in tacos, or a few citrus fruits every day. But, it’s crucial to scrub your teeth regularly to prevent the acids from accumulating.

2. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are not surprising But they are noted because they carry the chance of causing enamel damage. As citrus fruits contain acidic substances that could harm your tooth enamel, the sugars that are found in soft drinks may interact with the natural bacteria in your mouth to create acid. This acid attacks your enamel, in a manner similar to acid from citrus fruits, and when combined with the acidity found in many soft drinks it can be a potent enamel killer. Even though this acid is able to attack your teeth for about 20 minutes following a drink the drink, if you’re drinking soda throughout the day, it isn’t allowing time for the attack to end. The acid mixture will continue to soak into your enamel and cause it to get worse.

For a better understanding, here is the acidity of many drinks that are popular, as well as the sugar content, in comparison to batteries acid.

Acidity: Battery Acid – 6, 0 tsp sugar
Pepsi Acidity: 4.5, 9.8 Tsp Sugar
Dr. Pepper: Acidity – 4, 9.5 tsp sugar
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