Parts of a Fire Protection System – Best Online Magazine

The video on this page covers the basic components of the majority of fire protection system in commercial buildings. There are various kinds of systems discussed that are dry-line systems as well as deluge, and wet line systems. They all have the ability to create fires, but they each have their unique uses. The deluge systems are crucial for hangers of aircraft and others places where a single spark can rapidly ignite huge stores of highly flammable substances. These systems can saturate the buildings quickly. Dry-line systems are utilized for buildings in which water damage is the main concern like libraries. The pipes that connect sprinklers and the water supply contain pressurized air in place of water. If the lines get damaged, they will not flood the entire structure. Wet-line systems are quite common. The lines are constantly full of water. However, only the sprinklers directly above any fire can be turned on during an crisis. odz46ymegq.

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