Starting Your Own Jewelry Business – FinanciaRUL

This gentleman is an avid jewellery enthusiast. From the time he was young when he started looking through the jewellery collection of his mother and attempting to arrange things. Disassembling things and then placing them back together is something He has always wanted to achieve. The college he attended was for the artistic arts. After graduating, he realized that he would like to make a profession of a jeweler. The interviewer asked him to bring the pieces he’s created. The jewelry store was fascinated by the work they saw. The store hired him as an apprentice. He worked for a year on this and then five to 6 years doing further education. He then decided to open his own company. He had a dream of owning the business of his own to make and sell his jewellery. The jewelry industry is present throughout large cities. There isn’t always one in every town. You will learn plenty about the process of becoming jewelry maker. For more information, check out this video. 22iygtqy5v.

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