How to Stay Healthy in Autumn – Greg’s Health Journal

Make sure you get enough rest each the night. It is recommended to try to get at least 8 hours sleep each night. If you’re feeling exhausted or upset, go to sleep earlier. Get enough sleep! For a restful night take melatonin as a part of your schedule. Melatonin is an effective remedy for those who have trouble sleeping because it causes drowsiness, so take this before your bed time and check if it helps.

The time of year when there’s less sunshine, so your body needs more sleep. To maintain your health throughout the fall the best thing to do is make a habit of going to bed earlier but still getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night. If you see the sun shining on your windows, you can use an eye shield to block from any light. It’ll help you go into sleep faster.

Observe Hygiene

It is commonplace to drink cups of tea or coffee when working However, did you know that your cup handle can be a source of germs that can spread to the workplace? Pay attention to what you touch. It is also possible to touch knobs and handles that are dirty.

Hands are a great opportunity for germs and viruses to infiltrate our bodies So, washing them frequently can be a great step in the right direction . It is also an way to remain healthy in autumn. Try not to touch surfaces with your fingers, as this can transmit all kinds of colds, flu or other illness. The flu and cold viruses get spread through coughing, sneezing or touching objects that are infected, and touching your mouth or nostrils without washing them. yvq623n3dg.

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