Tips For Choosing Your Paver – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

Here are some guidelines for selecting pavers and concrete paving surfaces by Steve Romine, owner of Pavement Services.

What kind of climate do you experience? Brick pavers should not use in extremely harsh environments. It is easy for water to get in brick pavers. They’ll need replacing frequently. Choose concrete instead.

Pavers are available in a variety of wild designs as well as colors and shapes. It is important to select pavers that do not clash with other pavers you own. If you are looking for pavers with multiple colors, stay clear of the edges that are solid color. They can result in unintended clashes similar to wearing stripe and plaid clothes together.

Check to see if the contractor is insured for liability. This will protect you in case workers are injured while on your property. Contractors must have licenses in many states. Contact your state’s licensing authority to determine if paving contractors need to be licensed. If so, see if they are licensed. If you can, visit an unfinished job of a contractor to see what their job is. evecs9yeak.

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