Top 10 AC Problems – Home Improvement Tax

Poor thermostats are a big issue. A bad thermostat can cause AC units to not chill the offices or the house correctly, leaving lots of customers in a miserable situation.

Another problem was the frequent usage of defective capacitors. More than 50 work orders had to do with capacitors. They do go bad with time, in certain cases. But the proprietor is able to reduce the risk and increase the lifespan of the unit through cleaning it.

A different issue with many AC units was the absence of refrigerant or freon. Technicians explain that AC units feature a permanently sealed seal. Thus, refrigerant must remain in place for the duration of its life. Therefore, missing freon indicates there is a possibility that an AC unit is experiencing leaks somewhere in the system. Leakages can be found inside or on outside units as well as the top coil within the heater. These leaks may be located within the top part of the furnace coil. The video also discusses different areas to be concerned about too.

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