Learn How to Install Your GFCI Outlet – Home Improvement Videos

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You will first require the GFCI outlet for GCFI installation and service. You will need to shut off the power supply that flows through the breaker. Then, connect the outlet box and pass the wire through. Then, you need to staple the wire to secure it. After you’ve connected your wire you’ll have to cut the wire until you can see a grounded wire and a black wire. You will also see your white wire. There are pocket holes installed inside the GCFI outlet and all you need to do is run the wires through here.
The ground wire should be attached to the green screw at the outlet initially. Then, tighten the bolt. Next, you’ll attach your black wire into the pocket for hot wire. The label is located on the outlet. After that, you will connect the white wire to the outlet’s neutral pocket. The outlet is also marked. You will then bend the wires so that outlets can be put back in place. x6gugxg6ob.

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