Plumbing Top Out – Diy Index

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When the rough for placing the pipes has been done under the floor the piping is installed at the top, in a process known as plumbing top-out. The term “top-out” plumbing is used to describe the plumbing added after the groundwork has been completed and before construction. The name may come from the vents on the roof.
The top out phase of plumbing is a part of building the frame of your home. When building a new home plumbing is split into three components. Prior to the foundation being laid, plumbers perform plumbing rough, plumbing topout and plumbing trim to complete the construction (installing the fixtures).
Top-out is the term used to describe plumbing installations after the foundation is laid, but before project complete. The fact that roof-mounted vents can be used to provide the title “top-out” is what I believe it is derived from.
The plumbing top-out checklist outlines the tasks required for the very last stage of any new construction project. This video provides a complete guide to all aspects of the procedure for top-out. This checklist must be followed to check all permits and plans.

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