Orthdontics 101 – Healthy Huntington

These metal gadgets are more complex than you think. The article will discuss the latest orthodontic technology.

There’s a good chance that you know someone who been a brace wearer as a child. Braces are used by approximately 4,000,000 Americans under 18. Braces also are quite popular in a variety of other countries. The process involves applying force to the teeth, which shifts the position of their teeth. How does it function? What are the best ways to keep these brackets secure? The answers to these questions and many more in our post.

Orthodontics is a profession in medicine that specializes in the diagnosis as well as the prevention and treatment of irregularities in the facial or dental structure. Malocclusion is the term used to describe teeth that are misaligned or bent. Numerous factors could cause malocclusion.

In some cases, people have teeth that naturally are uneven or pointed in slightly opposite directions. A few people also may have dental conditions that cause teeth to move out of their place. Orthodontists tackle both common as well as abnormal situations, and can help patients achieve a healthier, gorgeous, natural-looking smile.

If you’re considering correcting the position of your teeth and bite, contact the orthodontist in your area to set up a a consultation today!


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