Craziest Swimming Pools – Entertainment Videos

About some of the most captivating pools available. If you find this video inspiring to build a one of your own think about contacting the pool builders to build your dream come true.

This video shows the first pool. The location is Bronte rockwhich is located near New South Wales’ coast. The ocean and pool are isolated by a narrow barrier of stones. If the ocean is at its most turbulent and waves crash against the wall into the water. This is a great experience for swimmer who stand on the barrier and get hit by waves.

The next pool is at Seljavallalaug. It’s an open-air pool which was constructed in Iceland in 1923. The pool is free to visit and provides breathtaking panoramas. This pool is located next to a hill and offers incredible views of the landscape.

It is the Cage of Death is next. The pool is populated with the crocodiles. You can also swim inside an enclosure cage should you be brave. This pool is for adrenaline junkies and can provide something you’ll quickly forget.


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