The Government Could Seize Your Property – United States Laws

In this short video, you’ll discover about the eminent Domain.

Eminent domain is a provision of the 5th Amendment to the United States constitution. Eminent domain permits government to seize private property to increase the efficiency of infrastructure and improve economic development. It could be used to fund projects for public use, or even private businesses that are better for the greater good. It does however state the landowner will be awarded a fair amount of compensation to their land. This hasn’t always been the case over the years. Sometimes, just compensation can be over-extended. You must choose a reputable eminent domain attorney to take care of your case. The government might not be able to take the property you own if it is eligible for a higher amount of compensation.

The complex subject of Eminent Domain is a tricky one. The federal government is trying to be a good servant for the majority. However, is this good actually worth it at cost to the minorities? Some homes cannot be purchased back. The memories that live there won’t be the same again.


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