Understanding the Rise of Telemedicine – Greg’s Health Journal

in the form of due to the pandemic of covid-19. Both of these are the reasons why companies that offer telemedicine have experienced increasing demand. The video below will help you understand the full picture of telemedicine and the reasons the industry has grown rapidly over the past few years. Telemedicine is the utilization of computer-based methods to diagnose and help patients. As an example, a consultation with a medical professional could be conducted over the telephone or computer in lieu of meeting having a meeting in the person.

Telehelth services are growing and more popular. Indeed, it has seen the growth of 34.7% growth rate in terms of revenues each year, as per IBIS World. The company is expected to nearly double by 2026. This growth is in part due to the outbreak because individuals saw the need to be able to function on a limited basis with their loved ones. Also, even though the epidemic slowed down, many were aware of the convenience that telehealth provided and continued to use it out of necessity instead of necessity. Telehealth is also able to ease the burden on healthcare professionals.


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