Ultimate Guide to Core Drilling – Work Flow Management

as concrete drilling, is the job performed by core drilling companies in which precise holes are created within the surface of stones. The narrator of the video, the main objective of core drilling is the creation of high-quality samples of core. Core samples are utilized for determining the purity of the minerals or the grade of the area from which they were collected. The idea of rotary drilling is used for core drilling. The core drill is a ring-shaped drill bit fitted with cutting elements like diamond or tungsten carbide is placed on a surface and rotated with high-speeds to create precise holes. It is common for the core to be collected in this hollow area while the drill bit drills into the ground.

Core drilling is employed in various areas such as investigating soil or rock mechanics in exploration drilling, and even infill mining. Exploration drilling is where the sample of the core is inspected for minerals; in an infill drill, the sample is used to determine the amount of mineral content in the mine. In mechanical rock, the core sample is examined to find out whether a tunnel is able to be made inside the rock. Likewise, when it comes to soil mechanics the sample is inspected to see whether the soil is sturdy enough to endure the strains of a planned construction project.


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