Understanding Electric Hot Water Heater Installation – Andre Blog

. Knowing the procedure of replacing as well as knowing the requirements to get a new one helps to make it a smooth process.

Look over the yellow label that is attached to your tank. It will notice energy-related specifications. When purchasing a new tank, ensure you choose the one that is compatible with these specifications, so that you don’t add additional wear to your home’s electrical system with a tank that is rated for the highest use.

After that, make sure you check your water pressure in your home. Connect a gauge for pressure and an outdoor spigot to check the pressure in the water. An additional pressure-reducing value might be required if the PSI is greater than 80.

After removing the tank from the wall, be sure you have the power switched off. You must use a volt detector to guarantee that there is no electricity running as a failure to do so may lead to one striking themselves. If the wires have not been colored in a specific way, tape them for a way to keep track of where the cables went.

Before it is fully removed to remove it completely, allow the hot water to run out , leaving the faucet open until the water becomes cool.

Watch the video for further details.


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