Is AC and Heating Installation a DIY Project? – Ceve Marketing

The average person can perform this task on their own. This video was produced by the creator of AC units. Even though they’re not professional, they has some prior experience the kind of work.

The instructions included in the kit will state that professional installation is needed. It is true. There are many situations where electrical and duct work must be done to install an HVAC unit. Local laws might also require installation contractors to have a permit to do the work. You should be aware of the local laws before undertaking this installation as a DIY undertaking.

The previous HVAC system needs to be removed before the new one can be put in place. It’s not as easy as just removing and disposing of an old HVAC unit. The refrigerant remains in the HVAC unit, and it must be properly eliminated. The task requires the expertise of a specialist. It is also necessary to examine the measurements of the air handler that is being replaced. They might need adjustments to make them fit if they differ from the previous design.


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