Try These Outdoor Kitchen for Cold Climates – Mom Recipes

Safety is just as important as the design of your outdoor kitchen. It is essential to ensure that your fire pit is placed within a secure area, away from fire-prone materials, and is constructed of products that are resistant to extreme temperatures as well as weather changes. Also, think about the location of your fire pit in relationship to other elements of your outdoor kitchen and how it can add to the overall atmosphere and the warmth of the area. An appropriately designed fireplace pit for your backyard lets you enjoy the comforts of a roaring fire on even the coldest of days.
Beware of Pests

Pest control is one of the most difficult elements of outdoor cooking especially in the colder regions. Raccoons and other pests can be attracted by smells of food and soon become troublesome. Consider installing a fence around your outdoor kitchen area to ensure they are kept out. The fence will deter any unwanted animal and protect pets as well as children.

If you encounter wildlife or an unwelcome guest be sure to manage the situation carefully. Skunks are known to emit a powerful smell that’s hard to get rid of, therefore it’s best to call in a professional for skunk removal. Be sure to ensure that all garbage and food items are well-sealed in containers so that you don’t attract pests in the first place.

Check out the beautiful touches

If you are designing an outdoor kitchen that is suitable for the colder climate, it is important to look at decorative accents which will not just enhance the look and feel of your space but also provide functional benefits. A popular choice is to incorporate decorative or geometric concrete into the design. It is resistant to weather and is weather-proof but provides a variety of designs such as stamped patterns, to personalized colours.

Another method to add decorative features to the outdoor kitchen you have is by working with local masonry contractors for incorporating natural stone and brick in your kitchen design. These are not only materials that can be used for decorative purposes.


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