Mac a Montreal upgrades Ogilvy Spa with an Apple solution in one day

Montreal, Quebec – Mac a Montreal, a highly rated member of the Apple Consultants Network headquartered in Montreal, Quebec bring the magic of Apple solutions to business and home users on a daily basis. All our services are designed to maximize the use of your Apple gear and help integrate it with other equipment you may already have. What more, you don’t have to go anywhere – we’ll come to you!

Mac a Montreal consultants will set you up from beginning to end including the transfer of your existing data from your older machines and will identify opportunities for improving your business and work flow through technology that you may never have considered.

In addition to managing our growing client base, Mac a Montreal is approved by Apple in Cupertino to work hand in hand with all official Apple retail stores in the Montreal area (Carrefour Laval, Sainte-Catherine, and Fairview) to provide a wide range of expertise in the design and implementation of Apple solutions.

Mac a Montreal will assess your current technology infrastructure and determine what changes would help increase your productivity. We then design and deploy a customized solution based on that assessment that also includes a plan for easy maintenance and modular upgrades as your business grows or your needs change. Because your relationship with us is ongoing, you can always rest assured that we’ll have the answer to whatever future ideas you may have.

Mac a Montreal has launched a new section on its website, Profiles, designed to outline some of it’s biggest success story and migrations from PC to Apple based solutions.

The first story is that of Ogilvy Salon and Spa – Montreal’s Finest Urban Spa and Salon. In a single day, Mac a Montreal completely upgraded Ogilvy Spa with an Apple solution and helped them get rid of all their existing Windows PCs.

Ogilvy Coiffure & Spa was created in 1981 to provide premium beauty, therapeutic and holistic body treatments to the Montreal community. O Spa provides a relaxing sanctuary from the frenzy of a fast-paced urban life.

In synthesizing the ideals of beauty, wellness, and relaxation O Spa provides its customers with the highest level of satisfaction. As each client is unique, so is their approach to treatment. O Spa’s professional staff uses high quality products and develops unique and personalized programs that cater to promoting the health of body and mind of their clients.

Keeping any business afloat is a challenge – and for Tony Sawaya, it’s a daily act. As a hairstylist himself, he spends a lot of time researching all that’s new and bleeding edge in his industry in order to meet and exceed his clients’ demanding needs. As owner of Ogilvy Spa, one of Montreal’s Finest Urban Spa and Salons, he also needs to stay in constant contact with his work at all times. Apple products provide him with the right tools, and Mac Montreal provides him with the know-how to make the best use of all this technology.

“For my business, my iMacs, iPhone and iPad are a must.” Sawaya says. “With these devices, I can run the entire company. I’ve literally got my office with me at all times.” From the car, or home, or when away on a trip, Sawaya keeps connected with O Spa. “And when I’m not on Wi-Fi, my iPhone has a 3G connection,” he says. “I just grab my iPad and I’m already connected.”

Sawaya isn’t alone in relying on iPad and iPhone at this thriving salon. His management team consider these devices and Mac Montreal so indispensable that they’ve outfitted their entire salon completely with Apple products. “We’ve been surprised how clients have responded when offered iPads to use the internet while they get pampered,”; says Sawaya. “People feel relaxed with them and time just passes.” Ogilvy Salon & Spa has switched to an Apple based solution entirely setup and configured by Mac Montreal. They have not looked back since.

“In our industry of beauty and synergy, only Apple solutions can provide a seamless and relaxing experience that is complementary to what we offer” Sawaya says. “It just doesn’t make any sense to have crashing computers and all that negative energy in a place like this. And it’s exactly what we had previously with our Windows PCs.” Mac Montreal fixed this problem promptly. Outfitted with cross-platform engineers, Mac Montreal knows precisely what it takes to make the PC to Mac migration a seamless and painless one.

“We don’t have to worry about this stuff anymore” Sawaya says, making reference to the Apple equipment running at his salon. “Everything just works now. I got so sick of all the problems we were having with our Windows based PCs. Everyday, it was something else” Sawaya recalls. “A total waste of money and a big cause of stress. I wanted no more of it.”

“We’re a small company that’s growing, and we have to be careful where we invest our resources,” says Sawaya. “We’re investing in Mac Montreal because we’ve found that they understand technology really well in general and have access to a vast amount resources that makes anything we want to achieve possible with ease. All of a sudden we’ve tapped into this potential and we continue to become a better company everyday.”

Know all your options before you commit yourself to anything. Mac a Montreal consultants offer you all the facts and options before any work is started. We don’t sell a product – we offer solutions.

Some of the services we offer:
* Migration from Windows to Mac
* Integration of Macs in a Windows environment
* Server configuration and network administration
* RAID installations and configuration
* Software installations
* Hardware installations
* iPhone configurations and MobileMe integration
* Parallels, VMWare, and Bootcamp installations and configuration
* Remote support
* Backup solutions (on-site and remote)
* VPN connectivity
* Media Servers
* Mobile Office Solutions
* And much more

Mac a Montreal is recognized for high caliber deployments and support. Our work is meticulous, efficient, and designed to work as advertised – it’s our guarantee.

Whatever your question, no matter how big or how small, our certified Apple experts are here to help. Mac a Montreal deals with varied scales of request ranging from a home user setup to a large scale business deployment. We pride ourselves on rising to the challenge, as lets face it, life gets boring when its all too easy.

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Located in Montreal, Quebec, Mac a Montreal is a highly rated member of the Apple Consultants Network. Approved by Apple in Cupertino, we work hand in hand with all official Apple retail stores in the Montreal area (Carrefour Laval, Sainte-Catherine, and Fairview) to provide a wide range of expertise in the design and implementation of Apple solutions. All Material (C) 2011 Mac a Montreal / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and all other Apple Products and hardware, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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