The Materials Used in PCB Boards

Something that has really revolutionized and provided many benefits to the electronics industry are the PCB boards that are used in all kinds of electronic gadgets today. Actually, PCB boards came on the scene in the 1930s and since then have been used in just about all electronics. These are the printed circuitry boards that are used in computers, toys, cars, airplanes and everything else that has electronics in it. You’ll find these circuitry boards in battery operated toys, televisions, cell phones, etc. They are smaller than any other kind of circuit. They have proven to be durable and they lesson the needs for wires. When electronics are massed produced, the boards used in them allow the manufacturing expenses to be reduced as well.

These boards are made up of three main elements, which are the laminate board itself, the components that are mounted on the boards and the traces. The traces connect the components and form the circuit, much like wires would. PCB boards are made out of different kinds of materials that are flame retardant. Some of the materials that are used for the laminates are suitable for multi layer boards. The most often used material for the traces on the PCB boards is copper. In fact, some boards are totally plated with copper, with stenciled areas for the traces. Sometimes traces can be added on to bare PCB boards.

Some low wattage boards also require the use of gold in order to make them lead free compliant. In this case, the PCB boards have a nickel barrier around the traces before they are plated with copper. This is because the nickel will prevent the gold from mixing with the copper, which would be detrimental to PCB boards. It is interesting to know that some people are removing the gold from old PCB boards in electronic equipment that is not used anymore. They use various methods to get the traces of gold out of Pcb boards. You can find out information online about how to get the gold out of old PCB boards online.

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