Why Switch to CO2 Cleaning?

From aircraft manufacturing to the food and beverage industry, co2 cleaning is becoming the preferred method of cleaning. All types of businesses can benefit by switching to co2 cleaning. Some industries call it dry ice cleaning or dry ice blasting. It is so versatile that cleaning electronics, clothing, and dust, grime and oil found in foundries is possible. Even historical projects remain safe when using a co2 cleaning method. Cleaning with co2 is cost effective and environmentally safe.

Industrial and manufacturing buildings often accumulate dust and grime on the walls, ceilings, exhaust fans and expensive equipment. The normal cleaning procedure uses toxic chemicals and many man hours of scrubbing. Companies have to deal with disposing of toxic chemicals whenever they are used. Using co2 cleaning methods eliminates the need for toxic cleaning chemicals, and the environmental restrictions that come with using and disposing of them. Routine co2 cleaning cuts down on the time and effort it normally takes to clean large buildings and equipment. Automotive, aerospace and commercial production processes that use co2 cleaning in place of other cleaning methods sees a reduction in time and cost.

With such versatility, co2 cleaning benefits all types of industries. It meets USDA, FDA, FAA and EPA guidelines as a safe cleaning alternative. No toxic solvents are necessary when using dry ice cleaning. Because dry ice cleaning is not abrasive, it does not cause any damage. Dry ice cleaning reduces mold and bacteria growth making it the perfect solution for the food and beverage industry as well as hospitals, animal clinics, boarding facilities and others. Using older methods of cleaning often require production to stop and the teardown of machines before the cleaning takes place. Manufacturing facilities can continue with production while co2 cleaning takes place.

Environmentally friendly co2 cleaning does not cause etching or any other damage to most metals. It does not leave any residue, leaving cleanup a breeze. Dry ice cleaning restores objects back to their original finish. Companies that use co2 cleaning provides their employees with a safer place to work and stops toxic chemicals from entering the atmosphere.

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