Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing Can Help Your Ice Cream Stand

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If you own an ice cream stand that is only open during the summer months and you have never bothered to get credit card processing before because of the cost, the effort it takes to set it up, and the seasonal nature of your business, getting mobile phone credit card processing is one way for you to get around these issues and still be able to take charge purchases at your stand. Mobile phone credit card processing was designed so that any type of business could benefit from using it, even a small seasonal venture like your ice cream stand. Because of mobile phone credit card processing, you will be able to deal with larger purchases without having to worry about forcing anyone to dig for cash in their pockets and that will help to make your little side business a more lucrative one.

While many people may not associate the importance of something like mobile phone credit card processing with a purchase that seems as small as ice cream, even little purchases add up. For instance, if a group of twelve people each order a three dollar cone and all want to pay together, that little purchase just became a larger thirty-six dollar purchase and the group will not even think twice about charging it if you have mobile phone credit card processing in place. However, if you do not have mobile phone credit card processing or any other type of charge system, they may not be able to pay at all from not having enough cash and you could lose out on the sale.

Another reason to have mobile phone credit card processing is because it will increase existing purchases. If a customer has three dollars in their pocket, they can only get a basic ice cream cone. However, if they can charge their purchase, they are liable to add an extra scoop, toppings, and hot fudge all of which could double their purchase.

Using mobile phone credit card processing helps you to increase your business. More importantly, it is easy to set up. All you need is a smart phone, an app, and an attachment to get it going.

Your ice cream stand could be doing twice as much business simply from one small addition. With credit card processing, you might even be able to make it a year round affair. Anything is possible when people can take advantage of their credit cards.

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