Storm Drainage Systems

Storm drainage

Effective solutions for controlling storm water for development wasn’t established until the government set standards in 1990. In fact, the Clean Water Act of 1987 heavily impacted the way storm drainage systems should be designed, implemented, and maintained. Stormwater pollution is a problem that can only be solved with using the right type of storm drainage and stormwater filter systems. Filtration systems are extremely important according to a University of California study. A catch basin insert with the proper filter is able to remove over 80 percent of lead and over 50 percent of copper.

There are many benefits that storm drainage systems provide. First off, storm drainage systems are cost effective. Removing pollutants from waterways and water collected from storms shouldn’t involve high expenses. Secondly, storm drainage systems are efficient and extremely successful. Most people don’t realize that almost 100 percent of domestic sewer water is pure. Only the smallest amount of sewer water contains pollutants. Stormwater filters are effective for removing things like wrappers, cigarette butts, and other commonly materials. The EPA actually sets some standards that must be followed for dealing with stormwater runoff.

Storm drainage systems are specifically designed for certain applications and areas but they are also custom designed for special applications as well. Finding the right storm drainage system is a process that requires research and some knowledge pertaining to the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Certain water control solutions differ from others due to the area, how much runoff is experienced, and whether or not construction and development projects are present.

Underground aquifers can actually be treated with the proper use of storm drainage systems. Most pollutants can be prevented by using the appropriate filters, drains, catch basins, and other systems. Federal, state, and local governments, all dictate how storm drainage systems should be implemented and maintained. It’s important to keep our water clean of debris, chemicals, oil, and other harmful toxins. Storm drainage systems benefit both the environment and the people relying on clean water. Even during the Roman Empire, storm drainage systems were necessary for healthy and clean water for cities and the surrounding environment.

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