A Photo Booth Rental Can Be A Great Addition To Any Event

Photo booth rental orange county

Interestingly, Louis Daguerre, who invented the first successful photographic process, is known as the father of photographer, however the patent for the first automated photography machine was filed in 1888 by William Pope and Edward Poole of Baltimore. The photo has evolved considerably since the 19th century: today we snap as many photos every two minutes as humanity as a whole did in the 1800s. There are even cameras on the moon now. 12 Hasselblad cameras were left on the surface of the moon after the moon landings to allow for the extra weight of lunar rocks.

Today, photo booth rentals, such as a photo booth rental San Diego or photo booth rentals orange county are becoming quite popular and can make a great addition to parties and events. Today’s photo booths are often digital, and allow users to instantly upload their photos to social media accounts. If you are interested in a photo booth rental San Diego you will want to check out different photo booth companies and consider different options for a photo booth rental orange county or a San Diego photo booth rental. Overall, a photo booth rental San Diego can make a great addition to a variety of different kinds of events, such a birthday parties, corporate events, and weddings, among many others.

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