Three Interesting Tidbits Surrounding Chimney Caps And The Chimneys They Cover

Chimney caps

While the tallest chimney that can be found anywhere on the globe is actually in a power station in Kazakhstan and stands at 1378 feet, you will find that purchasing chimney caps for your own chimney will not present a climbing task nearly as daunting to keep it covered. In the United Kingdom, it is thought to be good luck when a bride sees a chimney sweep on the day of her wedding, but it is even luckier to cover your chimneys with proper chimney caps. You will find that proper chimney covers are just as essential to keeping a safe chimney as regular cleanings.

Chimney caps help to keep a chimney cleaner which is good news because a dirty flue can be a cause for fire strong enough to turn any home into smoldering ash. However, something else that you can use that is just as important is chimney flue liners. Using steel chimney liners is a smart choice to make because the liner will prevent creosote, dirt, and other agents from sticking to the chimney walls by a great degree. Because of this, the presence of liners will reduce the need for cleanings, make the chimney safer to use at all times, and make it easier to get the dirt out when the time comes. By upgrading your chimney to be safer, you will be doing your family a great favor and will still be able to use it to provide warmth.

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