Seeing Your Paycheck Again

Lawyer  garnishment

A wage garnishment attorney is one of the best people for helping clients get out of difficult financial straights, particularly when they are having difficulty with the federal government. A tax levy is the most formidable weapon that the IRS has at its disposal and a wage garnishment lawyer is one of the few things that can stand in between taxpayers and the taxman.

The IRS is allowed to levy from everything ranging from wages to bank accounts and social security payments. They can even seize real property such as a personal residence. Nonetheless, an IRS wage garnishment lawyer can prevent this from happening. There are a lot of tax exemptions of which people are not aware. For example, all governments provide some types of tax exemptions for income or property or people.

Alabama also has a ten percent tax on playing card decks. With wage garnishment, the government deducts compensation in one form or another, though this typically requires a court order. Wage garnishment lawyers can help people who are in trouble with the government. For example wage garnishment lawyers might be able to set up some sort of repayment plan for people who owe the government several thousand dollars. This is not the same as getting “let off the hook”. But, if nothing else, it can insure that people see their full paycheck again. More like this.

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