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The pineapple in Hawaii is a symbol of hospitality; when sailors would arrive home from sea, they would display the pineapple on the front porch to show their arrival, and to welcome visitors. Because of this, Dole Plantation tours have been showcasing the pineapple on all their tours, welcoming them as cherished guests onto their island. When people go on one of the Oahu tours, they learn more about the pineapple and the Dole plantation than they ever thought possible. On these Oahu tours sponsored by the Dole Plantation, people learn about Pearl Harbor, the USS Missouri, and other naval ships that have played a part in Hawaiian history. For example, you will learn on the Uss missouri tour that the USS Missouri has never had a death aboard its decks. Plus, you will find out more about the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 by the Empire of Japan that launched the U.S. into World War II. When you take the Pearl Harbor tour in Oahu Hawaii, you will get to tour the USS Arizona and see for yourself a little piece of history. You cannot leave Oahu without touring the site of Pearl Harbor, so make sure you book your USS Arizona tours today.

Oahu is Hawaii’s most populated island, and home to 75 percent of its residents. When you take one of the Oahu tours, you will see why people love living on this gorgeous island. Even though it’s Hawaii’s third largest island, many people come here to live because it offers everything they need to live a great life, including gorgeous warm beaches. Hawaii has eight islands, several atolls, and several smaller islets that make up the state of Hawaii. In addition, there are several sea mounds underneath the Pacific Ocean that are part of Hawaii’s terrain as well. When you take the Hawaii tours oahu provides tourists, you will see much of Oahu and what makes it a great place to live.

When you are planning a Hawaiian vacation, you should strongly consider taking the Oahu tours while you are there. There are so many interesting facts that you can learn on these Oahu tours that it is a definite must see with your whole family. Book your Oahu tour now while you are planning your next Hawaiian vacation; you will love seeing the sites on these tours.
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