Stand Out With Camouflage Attire

Camo bedding sets

Camouflage has really developed over the years. At first there was the one pattern variation of camouflage for the military. Now there is many different colors and patterns for different uses.

Camouflage is the combination of colors or patterns for concealment or disguise. Camouflage is most recognized in hunting and military wear but is largely becoming an everyday accessory.

One of the military camouflage patterns that many are familiar with was developed by the French during World War I. In certain military conflicts, other objects such as tents and vehicles would be camouflaged for further concealment. The tan and brown camouflage patter was developed during the Arab Israeli conflict but not popularly used until the Gulf War.

The camouflage pattern is made in different ways. Some camouflage patterns mimic the light shining through trees. Some camouflaging in animals, such as squid, allows the animal to change color to blend in with the surroundings.

Popular camouflage accessories today include camo bedding, camo purses, camo bathing suits, camouflage clothing, and camo formal clothing.

Camo bedding designs include camo sheets, camo blankets, camo pillows, and camo bedspreads. Pink camouflage has become a popular camouflage color for accessories.

Camo formal wear includes camo dress and camo suits. In 1919 at a ball hosted by the Chelsea Arts Club, attendants wore dazzle patterned black and white formal wear.

Camouflage does not just have a practical purpose anymore. Read this website for more information:

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