Experts at Wilmington, Delaware Public Golf Courses Offering Advice to Beginner Golfers Such as Golf Iron Tips, Stance Tips, and Swing Tips

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There are many popular hobbies and recreational activities that require a great deal of dedication and practice to perfect. In the United States, golfing is one such activity that requires a lot of skill honing before success can be seen. Golf is one such American pastime that is enjoyed both as a fun hobby and also as a competitive sport. At the Wilmington Delaware golf courses, golf tips for beginners such as golf stance tips, golf swing tips, and golf iron tips are offered by experts.

In 1744, the first formal golf club was established, called the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith. The club held annual competitions with a silver golf club as the prize. The term “fore” used by golfers is short for “afore” or “before.” It is likely that the term came from military usage and was eventually adopted into golf to warn others to watch out ahead.

There are approximately 27,000 regular golfers in the United States, according to the PGA. In the last year, more golfers took domestic trips to pursue their sport than all skiers, sailors, and tennis players combined. Beginning at the 2016 games, golf will be an Olympic sport. With the popularity of golf continuously on the rise, more and more people are wanting to learn to play. Those who are in the Wilmington, Delaware area that want to receive expert golf advice such as golf iron tips can go to the public golf courses the city offers.

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