Five Facts to Help You Find the Best Suffolk Veterinary Clinic

Suffolk animal veterinary clinic

Looking for a good Suffolk animal veterinary clinic? Today, there is plenty to watch out for when it comes to the health of your best friend. Here are five quick facts to consider as you search for a good Suffolk veterinary clinic:

1. Cats and their claws

Domestic house cats are the biological relatives of lions, tigers, bobcats and lynxes, which all have sharp claws to help them in the wild. Your cat has sharp claws, too, so make sure to provide it with a proper scratching post to play with. Otherwise you could end up with a torn and frayed couch! A good Suffolk veterinary clinic will have more information on your furry friends and their claws.

2. Dogs and fatal food

Make sure you get to know what is safe and what is completely unsafe for your pooches to eat, then move the unsafe foods out of reach. This is important because dogs have a hard time breaking down certain food ingredients that pose no threat to humans. Foods that can be fatal to your dog include chocolate, candy and gum, grapes and raisins and avocados. If you seek dog pain relief in suffolk, find the best Suffolk veterinary clinic that can help.

3. Warning signs for sick pets

Our pets are proud animals. They do not like to let on when they are not feeling well because it could be taken as a show of weakness. No matter, it is important to recognize the warning signs for a sick pet early on so you can get help. A loss of appetite is a huge sign, as are a lack of playfulness and a general abnormal quietness. Find a good veterinarian in Suffolk and get the best care for your best friend.

4. Vet care by the numbers

Any Suffolk veterinary clinic can provide great care for your pet. But you will want one with a highly personal touch to handle your pets. Plus, an office with good gear always helps. According to numbers from 2010, American pet owners spent nearly $13 billion annually on vet care. This might seem like a lot, but you are paying for the top services and treatments available, many of which are very recent innovations in the pet healthcare world.

5. Danger! Poison!

The ASPCA poison control unit reported over 160,000 calls in 2010 regarding pets ingesting poisonous items from around the house. It is essential to the health of your pet to keep any potentially hazardous materials out of their reach. Otherwise, you run the risk of accidental poison ingestion or worse. Keeping a safe home means having a safe pet and not having to visit your local Suffolk veterinary clinic as often.

With these five facts in mind, you should have no trouble keeping your pet safe. Accidents do happen, though, as we all know. When they do, your local Suffolk veterinary clinic should be there for you.

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  1. The dogs and chocolate thing is so true! We made s’mores one night and unfortunately left the Hershey bars out on the table. Our poochie was so sick for days.

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