Need a New Car? Here are Five Reasons to Look Into Subaru

Subaru ny

Whether you are thinking about visiting local Subaru dealers in your search for a new car or you think that you might look for used Subaru dealers to save yourself a little bit of money, here are a few facts about the car company that you should know before you decide.

1. Did you know that Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster? This in turn inspired the Subaru logo which is a cluster of stars on a dark blue field. In fact, though this is not always the trend in car companies these days, all of the cars in the Subaru inventory make use of this logo.

2. Before you decide to make your way to used car dealers in Rochester NY, you should know that Subaru is known for its use of the boxer engine layout in most of its vehicles. If this is something that you have been thinking about investing in, keep your eye open as you browse through the sea of used cars that are available in the city.

3. The use of highly recyclable materials throughout the production and manufacture of their vehicles has earned Subaru an astounding 97.3 percent recycling ratio rate for their end of life vehicles. If you are looking for a new car that does not have a huge impact on the environment, then you should be visiting local Subaru dealers as soon as you possibly can.

4. If you are not convinced by the values of the Subaru brand, then you might want to look into investing in a Chevy instead. Did you know that a Chevrolet car is sold somewhere in the world every 6.5 seconds? One of these purchases could be you if you visit used Chevy dealers in your area soon.

5. Since 1912, Chevrolet has produced more than 200 million cars and trucks and is still going strong. They are one of the biggest car companies in the world and sell an astounding variety of vehicles to suit your every need and want.

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